First blog post

Welcome to Here to Learn.

My focus is on improving levels of cognitive engagement in our pupils in schools.

I will be discussing key strategies around many themes affecting engagement including those of:

Classroom management

Positive behaviour management

Whole school behavioural systems

Individual and group interventions

Planning for behaviour and cognitive engagement

Orchestrating lesson delivery

Anticipating key pitfalls and opportunities

I have been teaching for over 20 years in secondary schools in London and, though much of what I have learned has been picked up through that experience, I will be endeavouring to also reference, share and distill the very best of the training, books and sites I have learned from along the way as well. I will also be looking to discuss key issues with colleagues who contribute case studies or questions as and when they come along.

This blog will accompany my journey through completing the writing of  my book ‘Here to Learn’ and your feedback will be invaluable.

If you have scenarios or issues that you would like to share or potentially get advice on regarding the engagement of your pupils please add these as comments and I will respond to any I receive.

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